The story behind Sound Sleep

 From the early beginnings….

Back in the early days when Ash started out as a massage therapist, harnessing the power of human touch to help clients suffering from stress, pain, insomnia and depression. His experience inspired him to develop a unique product without using lavender, that would help his clients to reach a new level of relaxation and enhance a peaceful nights sleep.

Over the last 4 years Sound Sleep has become one of Ashby’s popular products within the Linen and Diffuser range.

Sound sleep was a massage oil blend designed for a client who did not like the scent of lavender. Over a number of weeks after having aromatherapy massages. The client passed comment on how their sleep had greatly improved, and they wouldn’t be with out it. Due to to this feedback, Ash decided to launch a room mist called ‘Sound Sleep’ with the emphasises on ‘Does not contain lavender’.

What is Sound Sleep?

Sound Sleep is a relaxing blend of Blue Chamomile, Cedarwood and hints of Sweet Orange essential oils. This blend will help to release everyday stresses and strains and promote a good night’s sleep by diffusing around the home.

Introducing Blue Chamomile, Cedarwood and Sweet Orange…

The Big Soother

Blue Chamomile is steam distilled from the small white flowers of the Matricaria chamomilla plant. Blue Chamomile is calming to the mind and is known to help with relaxation, patience, peace and alleviating worries. 

Calming Cedarwood

Cedarwood trees are supposed to symbolise a source of protection, wisdom and abundance. The cedarwood oil is extracted through steam distillation from wood pieces of the cedar wood tree, and the oil is known as ‘peace, harmony and tranquillity’ brings the mind back into balance, clearing away tension and anxiety with its sweet, warm soothing woody undertones.

Sweet Delight

Sweet orange calms the nerves and injects instant cheer into the mind and body to soothe tension, anxiety create a sense of harmony.

What our customers are saying…

‘I got the sound sleep oil and it’s already working. It had me relaxed and sleepy straight away…’. Kym –Nottingham - 07/10/2015

‘I have had Sound Sleep and Relax for five months and I love it! Julie – Woodhall Spar - 11/11/2015

‘I have a son with autism and he has difficulty sleeping, I tired sound sleep and it really helped him to have a good nights sleep. Thank you.' Caroline – Leicester – 23/04/2016

About us…

Ashby Aromatherapy products are all carefully blended by hand in the UK, infused with the highest quality essential oils and plenty of indulgence. The blend of the most naturally aromatic oils will be sure to take your senses to a far away place.

To see our full range visit Ashby Linen and Diffusers Mists  and purchase your bottle today! Free Postage when you use discount code POST18 on checkout. 

“Our philosophy is simple, we place our clients’ needs at centre stage to allow the quality of our products and services to shine through”.

Ash Corby, Founder & Blender-in-Chief, Ashby Aromatherapy


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