5 Tips for the Perfect Summer

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Just when you thought the dull weather was never going to stop, the sun breaks from behind the clouds – summer is here!

As the days get longer, there's a real desire to get out and about, but for many, summer can be a bit of a hazard from too much exposure to the sun, through to hayfever and allergies.

While our rich oils and scented candles have been your friends throughoout the winter, it's now time to think about how aromatherapy can make your summer a long, hazy period of pleasure.

Our Chief Blender, Ash, has these five tips on what's hot, or soothing, for summertime:

tip 1

Let's face it: we've all been trying to ge that summer body ready for the beach, right? So, wouldn't it be awful if all our good work went to nought by getting sunburn? I recommend keeping lavender in your bag all through summer.

'Why's that?', I hear you ask. Well, French chemist and scholar, René-Maurice Gattefosé burned his hand during an experiment and not knowing how to quell the pain, plunged his hand into the nearest tub of liquid, which happened to be lavender essential oil. The rest, as they say, is history.

In addition, if lavender isn't your bag, geranium oil is also good for healing burns. You can use it directly on sunburn or insect bites for instant soothing or to prevent your skin from blistering. And, if you've had one too many at the family barbecue, then it's great for headaches too!


tip 2
If keeping cool is a concern this summer, then peppermint has your back. Again, keep it with you at all times, and you'll never be caught out. In fact, if you combine it with lavender, you've got a great cooling and healing combination – great for yourself and the kids.


tip 3
Our Sound Sleep range might not be the first thing you think of when you think of summer, but trust me, when the heat is making it difficult to sleep, any of our products from the range can be a great antidote to sleepless nights.

Coupled with that, air diffusers and humidifiers are great for keeping the air fresh and moistened, which helps reduce dryness in your eyes, throat, and skin. If you want to get technical for a second, then it's all to do with negative ions which are known to clear dust, pollen, pet dander, and most odours from the air.

Sound sleep indeed!


tip 4
Feeling a bit groggy in the morning? Not fancying the commute to work today? What you need is revival, and there's nothing better than Lemon, Orange, Geranium, or Rosewood for getting your senses going. Diffuse our essential oils and indulge yourself in our Ashby Soap range while you're having your morning shower and you'll feel on top of the world.


tip 5
So, summer has arrived, you're all excited and – bam! – the allergies kick in. Before you know it, those bronzed beach photos you were so excited to post to Instagram have become a distant dream as rashes and coughs and rheumy eyes take over. Nobody wants that, right? Well, our Himalayan salt lamps are the perfect antidote. Salt naturally attracts water, which is known to harbour allergens, dust, and debris. Place one of our lamps in your bedroom, or any room where you spend a lot of time, and you'll start to notice a difference in your breathing in no time. You'll be Instagram-ready in no time!



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