Meet the Team

Founder of the business, Ash began exploring alternative holistic, health remedies after a near fatal car accident in 2011 left him suffering with severe symptoms of stress, anxiety and insomnia.

After successfully completing a business degree at Nottingham Trent University and obtaining qualifications in massage and aromatherapy, he worked as a massage therapist in 2013 harnessing the power of human touch to help clients suffering from stress, pain, insomnia and depression.

His experience inspired him to develop a unique in-house range of aromatherapy products that would help his clients to reach a new level of relaxation and enhance the treatment experience.

“I am the ‘hands on’ part of the business, utilising my knowledge of massage to treat clients, using my experience to create and produce effective products that appeal to customers and clients alike. The quality of my products is my paramount consideration ensuring I use carefully sourced natural ingredients from local suppliers.

I hope you enjoy using my products and have the same ideology and love that I have for my collection. Thank you.”

Ash Corby, Company Director and Blender-in-Chief


Helen has been at the heart of the business right from the early days and is an invaluable member of the Ashby team. The manager of the company finances, buyer and salesperson, she makes crucial decisions to lead the business forward.

Favourite Product: Helen loves the Himalayan salt lamps and their calming qualities. She is also a big fan of Feel Good Hands, she loved the aroma so much than she requested this to be made into a burning oil and mist, so that the smell would be all around the home.

Helen Corby, Accounts, Business Development, devoted Mother and all round good egg!




Lifesaver Nicky is our graphic designer for the Ashby packaging. She is caring and ensures every attention to detail is spot on. Nicky also has a great passion and interest in massage therapy. More recently Nicky has become a fully trained massage therapist and offers a range of treatments in our Ashby Studio and Twin Lakes. We work closely together with our clients offering a range of treatments.

Favourite Product: Nicky loves using the massage oil, and so do her clients. She find it warming and great to use in treatments. She also loves the relaxing room mist and uses them daily to help unwind.

My interest in various therapies was awoken following treatments to help me recover from an illness. I absolutely love working with clients, to be able to help people change how they feel, clear their underlying issues and see them walk out with a spring in their step is something very special.”

 Nicky, Graphic Designer & Massage Therapist   

Scott is our Admin Genie, magically appearing when we need him! He helps out with sales, admin and supports us at shows. His warm personality makes him popular with our customers. As an existing customer, Scott enjoys the whole Ashby range and finds the products easy to promote.

Favourite Product: Scott loves the sound sleep mist and it helps energise him to provide the best possible service to our customers.

Scott Bowler, Admin Genie