Salt Basket
Salt Basket

Salt Basket

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The Himalayan salt crystal fire basket amp is a beautiful addition to the home. Iron basket contains chunks of pink Himalayan salt crystals. It emits a soothing glow, creating a calm ambiance and is popular with our customers for gifts and living spaces.

Product Description

Himalayan salt fire basket lamps radiate with a soothing glow and also have a positive effect on our health and well-being. Feng Shui and home interior specialists often recommend these lamps to improve our living environments. Himalayan salt is mined in the Himalayan region and is rich in mineral deposits.

The rocks are carefully mined using methods to protect if from contamination and retain its pure properties. The crystals are hand carved by craftsmen using traditional local skills to create works of aesthetic beauty with therapeutic qualities.

Research shows the health benefits that Himalayan salt contains and you can read more on our blog.

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