Happy Times Essential Oil Blend 10ml
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Happy Times Essential Oil Blend

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Happy Times
Introducing a blast of happiness, Sweet Orange and delicate sweet warming Rosewood and Cinnamon to help with everyday stress and strains and promote relaxation.


Delightful Sweet Orange

Sweet Orange is very popular oil used in aromatherapy treatments, it calms the nerves and injects instant cheer into the mind and body. It is known to soothe tension and give release from everyday stresses and strains and boost your confidence.

Spicy Rosewood

Rosewood pure essential oil is sweet and spicy oil with hints of orange, and is wonderfully balancing and uplifting for your emotions. 

Warming Cinnamon

Cinnamon is tropical evergreen tree with fragrant bark and oval leaves, white flowers and blue/white berries that is distilled by steam from the leaves and small twigs. Cinnamon is a good to use to burn or diffuser to battle those coughs, colds and other airborne infections.

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