De-Stress and Relax Massage Oil Gift Set with Marble Massager

De-Stress and Relax Massage Oil Gift Set with Marble Massager

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De-Stress and Relax Massage Oil Set

Ashby massage oils are all carefully blended by hand in the UK, infused with the highest quality essential oils and plenty of indulgence. Enjoy the stimulating blend of Grapeseed and the most naturally aromatic oils to take your senses to a far away place.

  • X1 De-Stress Massage Oil 100ml
  • X1 Relax Massage Oil 100ml
  • X1 Marble Massager - on checkout write in the comment box the colour you would like. Black, Fossilstone or Onyx. 
Marble Massagers

This unique marble stone massager allows for controlled precision and varying degree of pressure to be used perfectly over shoulders, feet, hands or scalp for an invigorating and relaxing massage. Using this stone is said to improve circulation, decrease tension and take away aches and pain. This marble massager can be used hot or cold, depending on preference. 

Sooth and Calm

Carefully blended with Lavender and Ylang Ylang to soothe the senses. Calm is a fresh and sweet massage oil to sooth even the most sensitive of souls and bring the mind back into focus.

The skin slowly absorbs the enriching formula, leaving your body feeling luxurious and deeply pampered. 

Fragrant French Lavender

Distilled from the Lavender flower, grown at high altitude, this is a light, clean and refreshing oil. The fragrance is calming, relaxing and balancing. It is also highly therapeutic for the skin.

Ylang Ylang  

Extracted from the star-shaped flowers of the tropical Ylang Ylang tree, this essential oil is a natural choice for Calm to alleviate tension and stress. Ylang Ylang has been used for centuries in religious and wedding ceremonies. It has a distinctive scent with healing properties. 


De-stress is a popular choice with our beloved customers.

Introducing the relaxation royalty - Mandarin, Black Pepper, Frankincense & Eucalyptus....

Oils of Mandarin, Black Pepper, Frankincense & Eucalyptus unite in Destress, soaking into you skin to unleash their natural healing properties.

What we love about this product:

The Mandarin boost. The essential mandarin oil is extracted by cold compression of the fresh peels of these citrus fruits. It has numerous health benefits and properties, such as being a natural antiseptic, nervous relaxant and tonic amongst others..

Mandarins have a special place in Chinese culture, as they were given as gifts to the Mandarins (the Chinese officials under the king). We know the property of this oil will bring its own royalty to your relaxation experience.

More than just Black Pepper. Extracted from the peppercorn grown in India, Black Pepper is a warming and penetrating oil with a spicy wood aroma. It’s perfect in massage or the bath to rejuvenate aching muscles. It beautifully complements the Frankincense in De-Stress.

Frankincense traditionally is believed to be one of the gifts offered by the three wise men to the newly born Jesus. This essential oil is now valued not only in religious practice, but also aromatherapy and natural health remedies.

Aaaah...Eucalyptus. Eucalyptus oil is distilled from the dried leaves of eucalyptus from the fast growing evergreen tree native to Australia. It is a colourless liquid with a strong woody, sweet smell and has many healing properties. 

✓Blended with Essential Oils (and plenty of love!)

✓Tested and Approved for use on adults and children

✓Locally sourced natural ingredients – no chemicals!

✓Cruelty Free, no Animal Testing, suitable for vegetarians

Application Directions

Apply the massage oil to your hands and massage into the skin using sweeping movements towards the heart to encourage natural relaxation. Add 10ml of massage oil to hot running water for the most luxurious bath!  


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