Plant Pot Wax Melt Burner Gift Set
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Plant Pot Wax Melt Burner Gift Set

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Plant Pot Wax Melt Burner Gift Set

These lovely pot style oil burner gift sets are the perfect gift for those who love the garden. Available in 2 styles. The green version features the words 'Our Garden Is Grown With Love' and has garden paradise fragrance (jasmine, ylang ylang, honeysuckle, peach. The white version features the words 'Welcome to our Garden' and has garden breeze fragrance (ylang ylang, melon, fig, rose). Each gift set contains 3 wax melts and one tealight.

Using Essential Oils

To use essential oils with your burner, you would usually place some water in the top bowl, then light a tea light candle beneath and tip a few drops of your chosen essential oil into the water in the bowl. As the water slowly heats, the fragrance from the oil will gently release into the room. Please note - You should never put essential oils directly into the bowl without water as this will cause overheating and can burn the oils.

Using Ashby Burner Oils

Simply add 2-3 drops of Ashby essential oil to your burner and top up with warm water.

Apply one wax melt to the bowl and leave to melt from the heat of the candle. 

Safety Note

Be cautious when lighting a candle in the burner, or when placing a lit tea-light inside. Use a mixture of oil and water if burning essential oils set the burner on a heat resistant surface. Once lit, do not leave unattended and do not move whilst alight. Never allow the oils or melts to boil dry, and the burner may get hot during use, so allow to cool for several minutes before touching. Keep out of the reach of children.

Size of Oil Burner

H10cm X W12.5cm X D12.5cm

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