Lubido Anal and Original Water Based Lubrica
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Lubido Anal and Original Water Based Lubricant

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Lubido Water Based Lubricants 


  • X1 250ml Lubido Anal Water Based Lube
  • X1 250ml Lubido Original Water Based Lube 

Lubido Water Based Lubricant is one of the best value 250ml lubes available at AshbyAroma and is long-lasting and condom compatible!

  • The user-friendly pump bottle allows for easy application.
  • Safe to use with all condoms.
  • Its long-lasting, non-tacky formula washes off easily after use.
  • Also available in as a single bottle, twin pack or triple pack
  • Discreet packaging from the AshbyAroma team with fast global delivery!

Product description

This paraben free lubricant fuses the very best of water based with a touch of silicone, synergising to make this lube the longest lasting in the Lubido family.

Ideal to use with sex toys*, the velvety smooth and creamy nature of the lube only heightens the experience and leaves your skin feeling nourished after use.

Once finished, simply lock the bottle pump and store away for its next outing.

*it’s advised to do a patch test on silicone toys before full use.


Safe to use with condoms, does not contain parabens.


Apply directly to skin, condoms and toys.

Safety Warning 

Please review ingredients carefully before use. If skin irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately and wash off with warm water. Do not use on injured or irritated skin. If necessary, perform a patch test on your skin first before full use. Do not ingest. This may product may cause eye irritation. If eye contact occurs, flush eye with warm water or standard eye wash solution. Should any adverse reaction persist, seek medical advice. Store in a cool dry place.